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Insurance Costs Of Smoking And Smart Ways To Get Cheaper Rates

I know you'd like to know how to pay a lot less for insurance as a smoker -- This article will show you how. We'll also look at the effects it has on your rates (For those who might NOT know yet) and things you can do to get better rates -- Within the next 10 minutes and for the next few years...

1. The very first thing that will help you, as a smoker, get the best rates for your profile is to get and compare very many quotes. The wider the range of insurers you cover, the more likely you'll save much. You'll see why by the time you're through with this article.

2. A household that has a smoker or smokers will get higher premiums. With over 23,000 residential fires being caused by smoking you'll agree that it's actually a serious issue. Non-smoking households spend less than households with smokers.

For those who smoke, note that you're entitled to a downward review in your rate if you quit smoking for more than 12 months. If your insurance company refuses to lower your rate after you’ve quit, go to another insurance company.

3. Smokers attract rates that are double or more that of non-smokers. It's not debatable that smoking is the topmost cause of cancer and other deadly diseases.

This increases their risk to a health insurance carrier and therefore raises their rates dramatically. If you can stop smoking you'll attract rates that are dramatically lower when you reapply after twelve months.

However, you will NOT get a non-smoker rate until you're totally nicotine free. This may take a few years. But good a thing, you get significant drops in rates for each milestone reached in the quitting process.

4. You'll get cheaper rates for a group plan than otherwise. Don't miss it if you're in a position that offers you the option of using a group plan as it generally means that you'll pay less. This statement becomes even truer if you're overweight, a smoker or an older person.

5. Negotiate and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

A man who smokes a cigar only about once a year told a medical examiner so during an examination. He thought that his insurer would understand that cigars for him were merely to mark great events.

He was mistaken as the insurer he settled for ended up giving him similar rates with a two-pack-a-day man -- a rate that was more than twice non-smokers' rate

Usually everybody would accept their fate and the rates given if they know the insurance company in question is highly reputable. However, he decided that he won't let any insurer give him what he considers an unfair rate that didn't show the real position of things.

He wrote the insurance carrier requesting that they give him a non-smoker's rate on account of the fact that he just smoked about once every year. His case was made an exception after weeks of bargaining and explaining. He had a 50% reduction in his rate.

With the many life and health insurance carriers out there, competition for leads can only be very stiff. For people who have a good case, use this to your advantage. If you can show an insurance provider that you are less a risk than they thought you were, they can reduce your rate.

Therefore, if you have a cogent reason to request for cheaper rates, ask. The worst case scenario is that they won't reduce your rate. And, while you're advised to bargain, make sure you never give details that are less than true.
You'll be at the mercy of your insurance provider if you give them false details about yourself as they're free to NOT pay according to policy terms if information given during application is untrue.

6. Look for an insurance company that is better positioned for smokers. Such companies do NOT just put all smokers in one group -- They know the difference between a chain smoker and a one-stick-a-day man. They'll be of particular advantage to you if you are NOT a two-pack-a-day person. They'll give you cheaper rates than the chain smoker.

I'll close with what I started: Get and compare quotes from as many insurance companies as you can. This can help you save thousands of dollars. The difference in rates from different insurers can be as small as a few dollars or as high as several thousands.

I know it can be pretty tough to locate all "them" good quotes sites. So I've made your work easier: Just click this link (top insurers) and you'll get a good number of top insurers on one page.

Start getting and comparing quotes. The box below is a good place to start. It's free and will take you just a few minutes...


For more on insurance go to insurance costs of smoking.

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